Eco Crystal Collection - Iconic Whiskey Glass Edition

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✔️ THE WORLD’S CLEANEST CRYSTAL The first eco-crystal glass produced sustainably with respect for the environment. Based in Europe, our crystal glass production facility is emission-free, and uses renewable energy (geothermal, biomass & solar power) to create 100% recyclable glassware. The result is an exceptionally high-quality crystal glass & a commitment to conscious luxury.

✔️OUR CRYSTAL IS BETTER, FIND OUT WHY Ultraclear: the most transparent crystal glass. Resistant: Extraordinarily resistant to breakage. Pure raw materials: only the best, ethically sourced and no polluting bleaching agents used. Dishwasher Safe: Tested for over 4.000 professional dishwasher uses. Acoustics: clear and pure “ping“ sounds. Sustainable: 100% recyclable, 0% Atmospheric discharge.

🎁ELEGANT GOLD FOIL WHISKEY GIFT BOX Guaranteed HIT & “wow” feeling when you unbox our set of 2 whiskey glasses. Famous for our unrivaled & magnificent quality gift sets, ROCKS is perfect to celebrate special occasions.

Made in Italy.