Son Of A Bandit by Ralph Monaco II

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Little Timmy heard the report of the gunshot rattle throughout the cottage. Rushing to the living room, he saw blood coursing the face of his mortally felled father and observed his mother holding his head in her lap. Eyeing the assassins, the boy, with revenge burning through his heart and soul, lugged a shotgun from the closet. Before he could discharge it, the victim's wife arrested it from her son. For a six-year-old, Timmy had faced many obstacles, including the uncertainty and ambiguity of the name and identity of he and his parents, the constant relocation of his family, and now having witnessed first hand the murder of his pa. Within two days of the shooting, Little Tim would discover the stark truth about his life: he was the son of the famous bandit, Jesse James, and his own name was not Tim, but Jesse James Jr.

Learn the story behind the son of the infamous Jesse James and how his life was shaped by the legacy left behind by his father.