Straight Bourbon by Carol Peachee

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The story of bourbon production is a tale of American innovation, industry, and craft. Join photographer Carol Peachee on a visual journey from farm to bottle, with stunning images of the distilleries, farms, copper, brass, and steel works, cooperages and stave mills, and barrel warehouses that transform corn into liquid gold, while former Maker's Mark President Bill Samuels Jr. and whiskey historian Carolyn Brooks trace the impact of historical industries and production methods on the modern bourbon brand. From the ruins and rusted machinery of early distilleries to the flames of a modern barrel factory, 280 full-color photographs of Straight Bourbon offer a rare glimpse into the creation of America's native spirit.

This book does a magnificent job of capturing the places and processes that most whiskey lovers never see but need to understand in order to have a true appreciation for the labor of love that goes into every drop of bourbon