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Built in subwoofer - the high level of sound experience along with the added subwoofer make for an enhanced base experience you won’t find in any other mini speaker. 5 hrs of playback - take this handheld rechargeable speaker with you wherever you go, with 5 hours of playback you can listen to your favorite music on the go. Shutter remote - the power button also serves as shutter remote control for the camera app, giving you up to 20+ feet to capture the perfect photo. Extensive connectivity – utilizes bluetooth 5.0 technology to pair with any bluetooth compatible device for quality music anywhere you are surrond sound – easily pair any two of our u boost speakers together for an incredible surround sound experience. Superior sound, built in subwoofer, bluetooth 5.0, built-in mic and remote shutter, rechargeable, aluminum shell perfect for apple iphone ios, android by fashionit. Metal shell (aluminum shell),net cover, horn, pcba board, bottom cover, silicone pad.