Wet Shaving Products Synthetic Bristle Shave Brush

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WSP's synthetic shaving brush features synthetic fibers and a hand turned acrylic handle modeled off the Rooney 1, this will make a fine addition to any shave den.

The knot is designed to be on the stiffer side to tackle hard soaps easily. But it's still soft enough to easily tackle shaving creams and the most discerning of faces.

  • WSP's synthetic silvertip fibers are extraordinarily soft. As soft or softer than the real deal!
  • With the motto "never floppy," this brush is designed with that in mind. A large knot and relatively modest loft height. It will make quick work of hard soaps, while still great for creams.
  • The knot measures 26 mm x 55 mm and is packed with fibers. The handle measures 49 mm tall by 35 mm with a 30 mm waist.
  • Designed in America for the Discerning Gentleman.