Alchemi Barrel Board Smoking Set

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Bring the delicious flavor and aroma of real American oak whiskey barrels to your favorite cocktails. This kit includes everything you need to easily enhance your drinks with a rich, smoky quality.

Quantity: 3-piece kit Materials: Wood, heat-resistant borosilicate glass, stainless steel Includes: 13 oz. lowball glass, authentic American oak whiskey barrel plank, and a handheld butane torch (fuel NOT included)

Care: Hand wash glass

Our Barrel Board Smoking Kit is easy to use and is designed to make infusing drinks with smoke simple for at-home mixologists. Just light the included Genuine American Oak Whiskey Barrel Plank and place your glass on top.

INCLUDES A LOWBALL GLASS, TORCH, AND WHISKEY BARREL PLANK- This drink smoker infuser kit includes a 13 oz. heat-resistant borosilicate cocktail glass, butane torch, and an American oak whiskey barrel plank to get you started. Adds the nuance of wood smoke to your whiskey, tequila, or rum!