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Notes: Leather, Mahogany, Chai Tea, Agarwood

Mike and Caitlin, founders of Southern Gent Candles, were pondering the lack of a specific product, a candle for today’s modern man that brought a sophisticated scent to the modern home and office. Mike was looking for something that would create an amazing smell without being overwhelming or too floral and fruity. There simply wasn’t anything on the market, and so this husband and wife team got to work.

Mike and Caitlin always loved the hospitality and beauty of the American South, spending many winter vacations in South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Using this magical place as a backdrop for their inspiration, they set about creating candles for modern gentlemen. The ones who still hold the door open, dress nicely and take pride in their work. Thus Southern Gent Candles were born.

Southern Gent is the candle for that discerning modern gentleman. Bringing sophisticated scents inspired by the South to your home or office no matter what city you call home. If you’re ready for the ideal candle for the modern man, you’re ready for Southern Gent Candles.

Hand poured in small batches in Rocheport, MO, these candles are not only crafted in the USA, but all materials including soy/coconut wax, cotton wicks, and vessels are 100% USA made! These candles are a great way to support local businesses!