Becoming Truman by Niel M. Johnson

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This book offers a description of the notable events and personalities that the author experienced in 26 years of impersonating President Harry S. Truman. Hundreds of photographs and personal narration details the author's appearances at 50th anniversary celebrations commemorating significant events that took place while Truman was President. This book includes the interaction between President Truman and General Douglas MacArthur as portrayed by the author and a notable MacArthur stand-in.

Also included are the interactions with President Truman's family and several members of Truman's White House staff. Several mock press conferences are described, as well as meet-and-greet opportunities the author took part in. The story of Truman's life and career is included in condensed form as a "script" for an hour's monologue the author delivered at various events. Johnson's presentations at a wide variety of civic and business organizations, military reunions, church groups, and schools are shown in a large array of photos.