Bullseye Pickleball Paddle

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Introducing the ultimate pickleball paddle for precision players - our Double-Sided Bullseye Paddle!

This innovative paddle features a unique bullseye design on both sides, giving you two different hitting surfaces to choose from depending on your shot. The paddle is made from a lightweight composite material that provides excellent control, making it perfect for players who value precision over power.

The bullseye design not only looks great, but it also helps you focus your shots and improve your accuracy on the court. And with the included edge guard, you can play with confidence knowing your paddle is protected against scratches and impacts.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our Double-Sided Bullseye Paddle is the perfect choice for anyone looking to improve their precision on the court.


  • Individual pickleball paddle
  • L: 16.5" x W: 7.5"
  • Carbon fiber and graphite blended surface for increased durability and strength
  • Honeycomb polymer center for maximum power and control
  • Extra long handle provides added grip space and improved handling for two handed backhands
  • Vegan leather PU grip adds comfort and stability for better shot control and accuracy